Volleyball Uniforms for School & Institutions

Why Choose The Team Factory?

  • School purchase orders are accepted
  • Think Pink Gear
  • Monetary Bonus Package for each school
  • Customized Online Store
  • Industry Leading Spirit Gear
  • Factory Bucks to spend as you wish
  • Professional in-house customization and award winning graphic designers.
  • Customized Online Store
  • Free coaches apparel for qualifying orders
  • Industry leading Spirit Wear
  • Factory Bucks to spend as desired
  • Online ordering
  • Quality Control, Printing and Distribution performed on our campus

How to place a soccer uniform order using a school purchase order.

We realize your time is precious and have made the process as easy as possible.

Contact a TheTeamFactory.com sales representative at 1-800-987-6223 with you order information. You may also email our sales department at info@theteamfactory.com . A pending invoice will be emailed back to you as quickly as possible.
Present the pending invoice to your school’s bookkeeping/finance department so that a purchase order can be issued.
Fax the Purchase Order to 210-731-8320 or email it to your sales representative’s email address. You may also email it to our sales department.
Once the purchase order is received your order will be placed. A final invoice will be emailed to your attention.

Submitting order forms by email.

Click here to start your order inquiry and then follow the directions.